HODM’s November capsule: Digital Marketing updates 2023

digital marketing november updates 2023

Digital Marketing Updates for November 2023:

Major Instagram Updates (2023):

  • Enhanced editing tools for Reels, photos, and carousels: Undo/redo functionality, media clip hub, and new text features.
  • Deeper Reels insights: Interactive retention chart and Replays breakdown.
  • Download Reels option: Download Reels shared by public accounts.

Other notable updates :

  • Changes to the Instagram algorithm: Increased focus on Reels and original content.
  • New advertising features: Shopping ads, AR filters, and more.
  • Increased focus on safety and privacy: New controls and reporting options.

Major Facebook Updates in 2023:

  • Generative AI for Ads: Facebook introduces generative AI features for ads, allowing advertisers to create dynamic backgrounds, enhance images, and produce various ad text versions.
  • Facebook Ads generative AI feature
  • Community Awards: Facebook launches Community Awards, a new feature for Groups allowing members to give virtual awards to recognize and appreciate contributions.
  • Facebook Community Awards

Other notable updates :

  • Increased focus on privacy and security: Facebook continues to implement new features and tools to enhance user privacy and security on the platform.
  • Continued commitment to creators: Facebook invests in new features and programs to support creators and help them grow their audience and monetize their content.
  • Focus on Communities: Facebook prioritizes building and fostering strong communities on the platform, encouraging meaningful connections and engagement among users.

Google Updates in November 2023 (SEO):

November 2nd, 2023:

  • Core Algorithm Update: Google rolled out its fourth broad core algorithm update of 2023. This update was significant in terms of the number of sites that saw ranking volatility. The full impact of the update took about two weeks to unfold.

November 8th, 2023:

  • Reviews Update: Google released its final standalone reviews update. Moving forward, Google will be assessing review content quality on a regular and ongoing basis.

Here are some key takeaways from the November updates:

  • Content Quality: Both updates emphasized the importance of high-quality content. Google is rewarding websites that provide valuable information and insights to users, while penalizing those with low-quality or unhelpful content.
  • E-A-T: Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T) remain crucial ranking factors. Websites need to demonstrate expertise in their niche and build trust with users through authoritative content and positive user reviews.
  • Mobile-First Indexing: Google’s focus on mobile-first indexing continues. Websites need to ensure their mobile experience is optimized for speed, usability, and accessibility.
  • Core Web Vitals: Core Web Vitals, which measure page speed, responsiveness, and visual stability, are increasingly important for SEO success. Websites need to meet these metrics to rank well in search results.
  • User Experience: Google continues to prioritize user experience. Websites need to be easy to navigate, provide a positive user experience, and be free from technical issues.

Twitter Updates in November 2023 (SEO):

November 2nd, 2023:

  • API Update: Twitter launched an endpoint to programmatically get your Tweets usage in the Twitter API v2. This update allows developers to access detailed insights into tweet performance and user engagement.
  • Twitter API update

November 29th, 2023:

  • DM Permissions: Twitter added the ability to get DM permissions via the Twitter API v2. This update enables developers to build apps that can send and receive direct messages on behalf of users.
  • Twitter DM permissions update

November 30th, 2023:

  • Enhanced Media Sharing: Twitter introduced improved media sharing capabilities, allowing users to share high-quality images, videos, and GIFs with ease. This update included features such as video trimming and editing tools.
  • Twitter Enhanced Media Sharing update
  • AI-Powered Recommendations: Twitter incorporated AI-powered recommendations that suggest relevant accounts to follow, trending topics to explore, and conversations to engage with. This update aimed to improve user discovery and personalize the Twitter experience.
  • Twitter AIPowered Recommendations update

Here are some additional noteworthy updates that took place in November: 

  • Product Drops reminder feature: Twitter tested a new feature that allows users to set reminders for upcoming product launches. This update was designed to support businesses launching new products on the platform.
  • Twitter Create was launched: This was a new monetization hub for creators. It offered a variety of monetization tools and resources to help creators earn money from their content.
  • Twitter Blue subscription service: Elon Musk announced that Twitter Blue would be relaunched with new features and benefits. This paid subscription service offered exclusive features such as the ability to edit tweets and undo sends.

LinkedIn Updates in November 2023:

November 1st, 2023:

  • Learn with AI: LinkedIn rolled out a new feature called Learn with AI, which allows users to learn new skills and courses directly within the platform. This feature utilizes AI to personalize the learning experience and recommend relevant courses based on your profile and interests.

November 8th, 2023:

  • Restriction of personalized invites on free accounts: LinkedIn restricted the ability for free accounts to send personalized invitations. This change was intended to reduce spam and promote more meaningful connections on the platform.

November 15th, 2023:

  • Expansion of Custom button display: LinkedIn expanded the display of custom buttons on profiles, making them more prominent and easier to find. This update aimed to increase engagement with custom buttons and encourage more users to utilize them.

November 22nd, 2023:

  • Removal of post impressions from profile page analytics: LinkedIn removed post impressions from profile page analytics. This change was made to focus on metrics that are more relevant to individual engagement, such as likes, comments, and shares.

November 29th, 2023:

  • Update to Name pronunciation feature: LinkedIn improved its Name pronunciation feature to provide a more accurate and natural pronunciation of users’ names. This update was based on user feedback and machine learning models.
  • Pages restrict members’ messages: LinkedIn gave Pages the ability to restrict members’ ability to message them directly. This feature was designed to help Pages manage their communication and reduce spam.
  • Add goal: LinkedIn introduced a new “Add goal” feature that allows users to set specific goals for their LinkedIn activity. This feature helps users stay focused and motivated to achieve their professional goals.

Pinterest Updates in November 2023:

November 1st, 2023:

  • Enhanced editing tools for Reels, photos, and carousels: Introduced undo/redo functionality, a media clip hub, and new text features for more creative and dynamic content creation.
  • Pinterest Reels editing tools update

November 7th, 2023:

  • Deeper Reels insights: Launched an interactive retention chart and Replays breakdown, providing creators with detailed analysis of their Reels performance.

November 14th, 2023:

  • Download Reels option: Enabled users to download Reels shared by public accounts, allowing them to save content for offline viewing and sharing on other platforms.

November 21st, 2023:

  • Body Type Technology: Announced the industry-first body type technology, allowing users to filter search results based on various body types, promoting inclusivity and body positivity on the platform.
  • Pinterest body type technology update

November 28th, 2023:

  • New features for teen safety: Implemented new safety features specifically designed to protect teenagers on Pinterest. These features included stricter content moderation controls and increased support resources.

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