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Everything that we do at HODM is designed to get you a job of β‚Ή4.7 Lakh or more. More than 7500+ participants have gotten placed at a CTC of 4.7-24LPA

Everything that we do at HODM is designed to get you a job of β‚Ή4.7 Lakh or more. More than 7500+ participants have gotten placed at a CTC of 4.7-24LPA

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Application development with LLMs

UponΒ completion,Β students will master Python fundamentals and delve deep into pivotal technologies like Large Language Models (LLMs), Prompt Engineering, and LangChain. This expertise will enable them to craft customized chatbots, optimize language models, and develop sequential chains for various applications. With a practical approach through hands-on projects, graduates will gain valuable experience in leveraging these technologies, preparing them for high-paying roles in AI development and data engineering where LLMs, Prompt Engineering, and LangChain play a crucial role in innovation and problem-solving.

Each course section integrates theoretical learning with practical application through writing assignments and project development. From Python fundamentals to advanced topics like Large Language Models (LLMs), Prompt Engineering, and LangChain, students engage in hands-on projects that reinforce theoretical concepts and offer real-world applications. These assignments provide invaluable experience, equipping students to adeptly utilize these technologies in industry settings, preparing them for the demands of high-paying job roles.

Embark on a beginner-friendly journey through Python's foundational elements. You'll delve into strings, tuples, dictionaries, and loops, building a solid understanding of these fundamental data types and control structures. Additionally, you'll grasp the concepts of Object-Oriented Programming, exploring classes, objects, and basic OOP principles. Finally, you'll apply these skills to work with APIs, handle files, and manipulate data in JSON format.

βœ… Data Fundamentals: Understanding strings, tuples, dictionaries, and loops.

βœ… Object-Oriented Concepts: Grasping classes, objects, and basic OOP principles.

βœ… APIs and File Handling: Working with APIs, managing files, and manipulating JSON data.

Dive into the world of Large Language Models (LLMs), comprehending their inner workings and the diverse types available for building applications. You'll take the first steps in creating your custom chatbot, leveraging Python's capabilities along with LLMs to craft a personalized conversational AI solution.

βœ… Understanding LLMs: Exploring the working principles and applications of Large Language Models.

βœ… Types of LLMs: Learning about the various LLMs available for application development.

βœ… Building a Custom Chatbot: Applying Python skills to create a personalized chatbot using LLMs.

Discover the significance of Prompt Engineering in refining language models. You'll delve into core concepts, learning techniques for summarization, inference, and transformation. The practical application involves developing a project that emphasizes prompt engineering practices for optimal language model outcomes.

βœ… Core Concepts: Understanding the significance of prompt engineering in refining language models.

βœ… Summarization and Transformation: Learning techniques for summarizing and transforming prompts effectively.

βœ… Project Implementation: Developing a project emphasizing prompt engineering practices.


Explore the functionalities of LangChain and its role in various applications. You'll navigate through chains, templates, agents, and more, culminating in the development of a functional application employing LangChain principles.

βœ… LangChain Overview: Understanding the functionalities and role of LangChain in applications.

βœ… Chains and Templates: Exploring sequential chains, working with prompt templates, and agents.

βœ… Application Development: Building a functional application utilizing LangChain principles.


Unlock the potential of vector databases and Hugging Face models. You'll gain insights into word embeddings, comprehend the significance of vector databases, and design an application architecture integrating vector databases and Hugging Face models with LLMs.

βœ… Vector Database Understanding: Learning about vector databases and their importance.

βœ… Word Embeddings and Hugging Face Models: Gaining insights into word embeddings and leveraging Hugging Face models.

βœ… Application Architecture: Designing a robust application integrating vector databases and Hugging Face models with LLMs.

Engage in multiple guided projects encompassing LLMs, LangChain, Vector Databases, and more. You'll showcase these applications using Streamlit, a platform for building and sharing data apps effortlessly.

βœ… Guided Projects: Engaging in multiple projects utilizing LLMs, LangChain, Vector Databases, etc.

Developing an Advanced Medical Chatbot using Llama 2, Pinecone, and LangChain



The first module will build a solid foundation for the weeks to come.

βœ… Importance for businesses & debunking myths
βœ… Basics of channels: SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, SMM, etc.
βœ…Customer Journey, Funnels, and Strategy

The first module will build a solid foundation for the weeks to come.

βœ… Learn no-code tools for website & landing page building
βœ… WordPress basics & dashboard navigation
βœ… Utilizing Elementor Page Builder for professional webpages
βœ… Psychology and science behind effective landing pages
βœ… Creating landing pages from scratch with Elementor

The first module will build a solid foundation for the weeks to come.

βœ… Understand Search Engine functioning & ranking
βœ… Implement On-Page optimization with RankMath/Yoast
βœ… Perform technical audit & implement technical SEO
βœ… Conduct intent-based Keyword Research with Ahrefs/SEMRush
βœ… Learn effective Link Building strategies for improved DA

The first module will build a solid foundation for the weeks to come.

βœ… Mastering ROI-based Ads for both platforms
βœ… Understanding ad strategy & user journey
βœ… Campaign setup, Pixel installation, and Aggregated Events
βœ… Best practices for Ad Creatives & Copies
βœ… Split testing, Optimization & Scaling techniques
βœ… Running conversion & lead ads for measurable results
βœ… Proficiently reading and analyzing reports

The first module will build a solid foundation for the weeks to come.

βœ… Exploring content formats & their role in the funnel
βœ… 10-step Content Marketing framework for any business
βœ… Content creation & distribution techniques
βœ… Utilizing content for growth & customer acquisition
βœ… Step-by-Step YouTube SEO guide

The first module will build a solid foundation for the weeks to come.

βœ… Mastering email marketing for different audience temperatures
βœ… Building email lists with lead magnets & effective nurturing
βœ… Best practices for high open rates
βœ… Utilizing Email Marketing tools (GetResponse/Mailchimp) for campaigns & automation
βœ… Creating an e-commerce website with Woocommerce
βœ… Adding products and integrating a payment gateway for online sales

The first module will build a solid foundation for the weeks to come.

βœ… Intent-driven advertising for Google Search, Display, YouTube & Shopping Ads
βœ… Google Ads Account setup & dashboard navigation
βœ…Crafting search campaigns with keyword research & ad copies
βœ… Implementing conversion tracking for website measurement
βœ… Creating campaigns for Display, YouTube, and Shopping
βœ… Testing and scaling strategies for better CPC & ROI optimization

The first module will build a solid foundation for the weeks to come.

βœ… Grasp the power and distinctions of major social media platforms
βœ… Master the 4 pillars of social media: Planning, Strategy, Scheduling/Publishing & Promoting
βœ… Create an effective social media content strategy and calendar
βœ… Gain insights from real brand case studies for winning strategies
βœ… Utilize tools like Buzzsumo, Hootsuite, Buffer, etc.

The first module will build a solid foundation for the weeks to come.

βœ… Set up Google Analytics & integrate with website
βœ… Analyze website performance & audience behavior
βœ… Uncover valuable insights from GA data
βœ… Create funnels in Google Analytics

The first module will build a solid foundation for the weeks to come.

βœ… Identify core competencies & devise branding strategy
βœ… Optimize LinkedIn & social media profiles to showcase expertise
βœ… Develop a content plan & consistent promotion
βœ… Leverage LinkedIn for job opportunities or business leads
βœ… Utilize tools like Hunter for networking and outreach

The first module will build a solid foundation for the weeks to come.

βœ… Marketing & WhatsApp Automation & ChatGPT:
βœ… Automate Digital Marketing processes for time & resource savings
βœ… Master Automation tools & app connections
βœ… Build efficient workflows
βœ… Explore leveraging operators for enhanced efficiency
βœ… Bonus: Learn AI tools like ChatGPT for improved marketing results


In this comprehensive course, we will embark on a journey through the fascinating world of electric vehicles (EVs). From the early experiments and inventions in the 19th century to the contemporary advancements of today, we will unravel the evolution and significance of EVs. Each module is designed to provide a deep understanding of critical aspects, such as powertrain selection, motor technologies, battery systems, and charging infrastructure. Throughout the course, we will emphasize the boom of electric vehicles and their diverse applications in the ever-changing landscape of sustainable transportation. Join us as we navigate through the various modules to gain insights into the components, calculations, and technologies that drive the future of electric mobility.

In this module, we will explore the evolution and significance of electric vehicles, from their inception in the 19th century to the present day. We will discuss the boom of EVs and their diverse applications.

βœ… Coming of EV in the 19th Century
βœ… Golden Era of EV
βœ… Coming of New Era in EV
βœ… EV Market and Sales
βœ… Components; Trends and Growth
βœ… Hybrid Systems
βœ… Motors and Transmissions
βœ… Hub Motors and Batteries
βœ… Components Positioning

In this module, we will delve into the intricacies of powertrain selection and calculations, covering essential aspects to optimize electric vehicle performance.

βœ… Assignment 1
βœ… Vehicle Coordinate System
βœ… Powertrain Equation
βœ… Drag Equations and Coefficient
βœ… Tire Construction and Dynamics
βœ… Wheel Dynamics
βœ… Contact Patch and Losses
βœ… Tyre Parameters and Calculations
βœ… Power and Torque Calculations
βœ… Gearbox Selection and Motor Characteristics
βœ… Assignment 2

In this module, we will gain insights into electric motor technologies and control systems, exploring their applications and impact on electric vehicle efficiency.

βœ… PE and Motor Control
βœ… Basic Understanding of Motor
βœ… SRM Motor
βœ… Introduction of BLDC Motor
βœ… Motor Selection for EV
βœ… Regenerative Braking and Motor Control
βœ… Motor Control Quadrant and AC Motor Control
βœ… Asynchronous vs Synchronous Motor

In this module, we will focus on the heart of electric vehicles – the battery pack and Battery Management System (BMS) – discussing their crucial roles and technologies.

βœ… Introduction of Electro-Chemical Electro Energy Conversion
βœ… Types of Battery & Its Availability
βœ… Battery Terminologies - Part 1
βœ… Battery Terminologies - Part 2
βœ… Battery Terminologies - Part 3
βœ… Lithium Batteries
βœ… Battery Pack Modules
βœ… Cell Thermal Properties
βœ… Cell Arrangement
βœ… Cell Packaging and Selection
βœ… Cell Connection
βœ… BMS n PCB
βœ… BMS_IC
βœ… BMS Intro
βœ… Cell Balancing

In this module, we will cover the fundamentals of charging infrastructure, including connector types and charging levels, essential for understanding the charging aspects of electric vehicles.

βœ… Basics of Charging Infra
βœ… Connector Types
βœ… Charging Levels

Professional Agri-Tech Course

Embark on a journey into the dynamic realm of Agri-Tech through our comprehensive course. In this insightful exploration, we delve into the agricultural sector in India, shedding light on the transformative technological interventions initiated by the agritech sector. Our aim is to unravel the vast investment opportunities arising from heightened efficiencies and overall productivity in agriculture. The course is strategically structured to guide you in identifying the ideal Agri market and navigating tactical pathways for expansion, minimizing upfront investments while maximizing potential payoffs.

we take a look at the agriculture sector in India
and how technological interventions by the agritech sector
are creating investment opportunities by raising efficiencies
and overall productivity.

Search for tactical and focused ways to expand your footprint
in a way that reduces upfront investment and increases the
potential payoff.

we will introduce you to the Sustainable Agriculture and give
you and overview of the course and project.

The process of managing the use and development of land

we will dig deeper into agriculture tech practices and talk
about the ideal strategies.

Fundamental difference between traditional marketing & digital
marketing for agriculture industry

Gain information regarding the different effective methods,
tools and techniques used for digital marketing

Gain information on Effective techniques used for website
development for Agri-startups and promotion of business
through websites.

Understanding on the role and use of E-commerce websites in
digital marketing and the cost-margin ratio for the promotion of
products through e-commerce.

Find out the future opportunities for promotion of business
through digital marketing.

How to rank your Agri-tech website on the Google.

now how to reach a wider audience, scale their business further,
and generate more revenue by using digital platforms.



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" I can't thank this program enough! The expert-led classes, including content marketing and PPC, were incredibly valuable, and their ability to explain complex topics in an easy-to-understand manner made the learning journey truly joyful. I am highly grateful for the supportive community and dedicated trainers, where everyone readily provided solutions whenever I encountered any issues. "

Harshita Sharma


" I started with no prior knowledge, literally from scratch, and was on the lookout for an institute that could guide me through the basics. To my amazement, I was delighted with the results! The course covered all aspects, making it a one-stop-shop for skills enhancement. The personalized feedback during projects played a crucial role in my improvement. A superb learning experience! "

Akshita Katyal

~ Delhi University

" Seeking a change during my summer break, I discovered the HODM course, and joining them proved to be the best decision. The amount of value and knowledge the teachers provide here has exceeded all expectations. The emphasis on practical teaching and the expertise of the trainers, who are the best in their field, made the learning experience exceptional. Totally worth every penny! A heartfelt thank you to the HODM team. "

Nipul Ruhela

~ VIT Chennai (Btech CSE)

" Fantastic course! From social media to analytics, every module was a gem. I now feel confident in driving deeper into this field. The real-world projects were what I was looking for, and the internship provided after the course gave me a great platform to practically implement them. "



" I didn't know much about digital marketing before this course, but now it feels like I'm speaking the language of the internet. The hands-on projects were similar to college assignments but with a real-world impact. I'm not just a student; I'm a digital marketing pro ! "


~ SRM Chennai

" I was looking for a course to build some good skills and start earning, and then one my friend recommended me HODM's course. Enrolling in this digital marketing course was truly a game-changer! They taught everything from the basics very smoothly. I felt that I made the right decision by deciding to join this journey with them and certificate from IIT Alcheringa is cherry on top "



" I have never been used to these kinds of learning experiences where everyone is so ready to help you at whatever point it is, and whatever time it is, or you know, ready to explain things to you no matter how many times until the point you understand and able to implement in a practical space."



" Taking this digital marketing course was like unlocking a whole new world for me. I didn't know much about online marketing before, but now, I feel like I get it. The teachers made everything simple and fun, not confusing at all. Doing hands-on stuff felt like solving real-world puzzles, and the feedback helped me get even better. It's not just learning; it's like turning into a pro at digital marketing. Super thankful for this awesome experience! "



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