How To Increase Localized Traffic To Your .in Domain Hosted in US

How To Increase Localized Traffic To Your .in Domain Hosted in US

Let’s explore expert tips to drive local visits to your .in site!

1. Hreflang Tags for the Win:

Use hreflang tags to guide Google. These tags tell Google which pages on your EU subdomain are relevant to users from different Indian states, ensuring they see the most appropriate versions of your site.

2. Server Location: Not the Main Show:

Server location has less impact than previously thought, giving you more flexibility in hosting choices. Focus on other factors instead of prioritizing the closest server.

3. Don’t Duplicate, Diversify! (Content, that is):

Using the same language on different domains can raise duplicate content concerns. Use canonical tags or make slight content variations to keep things unique for Google.

4. Local Currency Matters in Shopping:

Optimize product listings for Google Shopping feeds with local Indian currency. This makes your products more visible and appealing to Indian audiences.

5. Prioritize Key Pages, Save Resources:

Focus on optimizing your homepage and other high-level pages for Indian traffic. Achieve significant improvements in localized visits without revamping the entire website.

Bonus: Consider using a CDN (Content Delivery Network) with servers in India to improve website loading speeds for local users.


  • Use hreflang tags to direct Indian users to the relevant pages on your .in subdomain.
  • Server location is not a major factor, so choose hosting based on other considerations.
  • Prevent duplicate content issues with canonical tags or content variations.
  • Optimize for local currency in Google Shopping feeds.
  • Prioritize optimizing key pages for Indian traffic.
  • Consider a CDN with Indian servers for faster loading.

By following these guidelines, you can effectively attract Indian users to your .in domain, even if it’s hosted in the US.

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