Mastering brand unity: The art of family branding.

Family branding, often referred to as Umbrella branding, is a marketing approach where multiple products or services are collectively promoted under a single parent brand name. It’s a way to have a big family with different members, but they all share the same last name. This strategy diverges from the traditional method of promoting individual… Continue reading Mastering brand unity: The art of family branding.

Brand platform mastery: Unveiling your unique identity

Indeed, building a reputation is challenging, particularly so when it comes to a corporation because there isn’t just one individual working for the company. The results depend on the combined efforts of every stakeholder concerned. However, effective preparation enables you to do even the most difficult tasks as a business professional. It’s a plan that shows what… Continue reading Brand platform mastery: Unveiling your unique identity

Digital Marketing Capsule for December 2023:

Major Platform Updates: Google: Google Analytics 4: Audience segments created in Google Analytics 4 became available for use within Google Ads campaigns. Product results search: Google announced plans to stop reporting on product results search in performance reports starting January 2024. Tracking limitations: Google began testing “Tracking Protection”, a feature that limits cross-site tracking by… Continue reading Digital Marketing Capsule for December 2023:

Digital Marketing Updates for January 2024:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Google: Tip for ranking: Emphasize relevance, expertise, and authoritativeness in content creation. Third-party cookies: Removal won’t directly affect Search Snippets. Twitter/X X: Reintroduced post headlines in article images for X links, providing additional context. Social Media Marketing: Meta: Link History: Launched feature for all Facebook users, allowing them to track clicked… Continue reading Digital Marketing Updates for January 2024:

How To Increase Localized Traffic To Your .in Domain Hosted in US

Consider using a CDN (Content Delivery Network) with servers in India to improve website loading speeds for local users.

Top 50 Off-Page SEO Questions and Answers for 2024

Remember, it’s not about quantity, but quality. Focus on building genuine relationships, creating valuable content, and engaging authentically. Just like any symphony, off-page SEO takes time and practice, but the rewards are sweet – higher rankings, increased traffic, and ultimately, a thriving online presence.

HODM’s November capsule: Digital Marketing updates 2023

Digital Marketing Updates 2023: Instagram, Facebook, Google SEO, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and On-Page SEO .

Good SEO practices to follow in 2024!

Save this before Google changes its SEO guidelines again in 2024.

20 Ways to Make Bank with ChatGPT in 2023

Let’s discover the various ways through which you can generate money using ChatGPT in 2024.Money making techniques to be used for increasing your bank account.

Weekly Industry Updates – HODM report article

KidZania India welcomes Hasmukh M. Gorava as Marketing Head, leveraging his 13 years of expertise to shape interactive media strategies and offer brands exclusive marketing benefits in the unique kids’ play zone.